Saturday, 4 August 2012

Voldemort's speech

'Wow, Rowling should have contacted that dude to play Voldemort in her HP movies.', was the first thought that hit me when I saw the Guv's  face. It was my first press conference where such a big government representative was present, but as usual, me being myself, could not hold back from picking out some weird thing about someone. Second, was Gujarat and secularism's black mark look-alike, Modi, who said something about the event. Even the reporter friend beside me agreed he had an uncanny resemblance to the Cm.

All the preaching that is doled out by government servants is always the same. The guv, in particular was talking about how poor people should stop looking for handouts by the government, as it strains their budget. I was like dude, your budget? It is our budget, meant for us, not for your low level servants to eat, instead of  making use of it. 'This dil maange more attitude of people has to stop'; that's what he said, pissed me off. Nobody wants to beg for anything. It's because they do not get their rights, that they require assistance. Some pittance thrown at the  faces of the poor is not exactly helping them. Reservation system is not what they want, nor do they need to be living at the hands of their political masters, who keep them that way.

Some preaching he did, he wanted to cut the gap between the people and the government, and he himself ran away right after the pres conference, without speaking to the media, or taking any questions. I had so many in mind, and I had no chance to ask even one. Man, I wish I had the courage to throw a shoe at someone at a press conference like how that guy did at George Bush. I'll probably get my ass kicked, and cases slammed at me, but it'd still be fun. I sound like a rebel no? But I'm not, I'm just stating what lot of people feel like doing. Anyone who tries to do the right thing these days is called a rebel, by dumb fuck people.

But what pissed me off the most was when he spoke about universities, and it is safe for me to assume that he hinted at ones like Osmania, where I studied. He asked why students don't get employed in spite of obtaining degrees. That my dear guv, is your problem because you the friggin Chancellor for universities and your government has failed to provide standard education to  those who are born in villages, because they can't come and cope in cities, because nobody wants to hire them, because of what you and those at the top have done.

Anyway, all this ranting shall end for now, I hope there is a day when I will be able to shoot a question at him. That will be the day I shall say that I have defeated lord Voldemort, and the other lord Voldemorts who continue their existance, as there are no Harry Potters to counter them. 


  1. Did we meet at Ashura last Sunday? Strange if so, I found this blog while searching for blogs from Hyd-Secunderabad. It would do us good to throw more shoes at people.

  2. My dear subha, I don't think I met anyone last Sunday. Where is Ashura in Hyd ?
    And as for your comment, it would surely do us more good.

  3. on the day of Ashura, I meant. Near charminar, in the restaurant. Perhaps I am mistaken.

  4. Oh yes, I remember now. Sorry for not remembering your name. And Ashura, funny, I have never called that by it's name till now and you made me realise it