Sunday, 11 August 2013

When the wolf came to bark in my city

Honestly, I wished that a riot had broken out in Hyderabad; without anyone having gotten injured, which is next to impossible. And yes, because he came here. It infuriated me that the man responsible for driving out muslims from my very own native place in Gujarat had come to MY city, and that too to address my people, the people of Telangana, who are not communal.  Bleddy communal fellow, mere sheher mein aake pungi bajaya, bh****w.

Thank god nothing happened, and thank god again he came after Eid. I remember at least four businessmen worried, all of them telling me, 'He shouldn't come here, it's not good for us, as there may be lot of trouble'.

 Anyway, I guess Akbar-baba's warning to modi-bhai didn't work, as the man responsible for making Gujarat 'vibrate' finally landed in Hyderabad. Not surprisingly, policemen were deployed in huge posses everywhere just to keep things in check, which was quite pathetic for a man who's trying to be the PM. The divisive figure that he is, his presence however showed us all what would have happened had there been no extra security.

I'm guessing most media houses were paying apt attention to modi's speech at LB stadium, where he shouted 'Jai Telangana' and 'Jai Seemandhra', in TELANGANA. I'm sure even the stupidest congress wala wouldn't have done that, too bad his epic slickness didn't come to his rescue there. I was told by those who were at the stadium that the people roped in by the BJP from districts wore bored faces when he talked, and didn't know what he was talking about, which is quite in contrast with Akbarbaba's and Asadbhai's speech.

Witnessing MIM's gathering is even worse, where idiots flock just to watch the brothers bark, or spew venom as some say. Anyway, back to modibhai. I really wanted to see him, and I did catch a glimpse of him, unfortunately. That too when he was returning from his second destination, and when he was returning back. The man seemed to need more protection than Kiran Kumar Reddy himself, because I think I counted at least seven cars zoom before his own fleet of four or five SUVs zoomed next.

Too bad  I missed the event where he inaugurated Sardar Vallabhai Patel's statue. I always liked Patel, but never realised we were both Gujarati. Anyway, as I returned back dejected, I saw a lot of young boys aimlessly ambling on roads, wearing confused looks, not knowing what to do once modibhai was gone. It didn't look like they were from the city. Many were on roads eating whatever they could find in nearby bakeries and near bystores, while others began drinking, with saffron flags in hand.

It was only after he left that I realised that he failed. His presence didn't tick off anything, nor did I feel any different, except for pity, that he tried and failed at speaking in Telugu. It just seemed so funny, more than a lakh Telugus brought to listen to a gujarati trying to speak in Telugu. To be honest, there's something that always pissed me off about him, and now,his visit, resulting in posters, banners becoming ubiquitous in my city just made me red again.

He drove out families from my native place. I remember my relatives being unable to sleep due to the fear that they would have gotten attacked by modi's goons at any time. Yes, it happened, and it boils my blood whenever I remember that. 2002 is when time stopped for muslims in India. I was indifferent for a long time about it, but now it hurts every time I realise I come from the land of Modi, that same land which was known for dhoklas  is now known for riots.

My native place Bharuch, where lie my memories of eating ice-golas are now shrouded by the terror with which muslims  had to liver there. Sometimes, I wonder, what if the BJP and modi manage to annihilate all the muslims from India. Then what? Then the RSS and BJP will hunt dalits, then christians, etc etc, until finally only their breed of people are left. And then what? Then perhaps their own people will realise that fascists only need a reason to press their onto others. Hitler never lasted, and I hope the same for modibhai, because I for one do not want other people to lose their native places.

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