Monday, 2 June 2014

A fall to the right

'This country will never accept a fascist', is what a very senior journalist told me one night, months before May 16. Holding a glass in one hand, I wondered if that was true. He seemed confident however, and pushing aside all my calculations, I thought maybe he was right, just.

However, now I stand in front of the mirror, defeated, not by modi, but by my own people who chose to forgo their liberty to be 'ruled' by the great 'benevolent' dictator, as Paresh Rawal had stated in an interview days before the results were out. I have no words now to express myself, my mind is blank. From hoping to come out of the darkness in India, which has been steadily losing its liberal voices, I now stand as a 'Muslim' guy who opposes modi, which sadly is how most people see me.

A copy of Outlook magazine with the cover story titled 'No He Can't' (about Modi not winning, published some months ago) stares blankly at me, while I try to figure out why I had so much faith in that edition. Perhaps because I eagerly read anything and everything that gave me some hope as to why the BJP may lose the 2014 elections. But even the magazine and the person who wrote the story have to eat their words now that things are crystal clear. He can, and he has done it in style, laughing at the likes of me.

They, the sycophants, do not see me as a liberal, someone who opposes right-wingers who openly  preach hatred, misogyny, and admire the nazis (won't say extinct, because fascists are still probably alive). Anyone opposing right-wingers now are being labelled as 'sickularists', 'Khangressis' (Khan implying Muslim appeasement), pseudo-secularists and what not.

'Give him a chance', 'he will bring prosperity', 'we need a decisive leader', are the kind of things people are saying. But I ask them what is the need to even have a leader, we need people who will listen to us, not who will make us do what they want us to do. The whole idea of democracy is to allow people and the elected representatives to mingle and decide what is not best. Anyway, since it is clear we need a 'decisive leader', I can only pray that our sycophancy bears some fruit, and spills no blood.

Why this new government seems so menacing is because already people have been arrested for writing anti-modi remarks on FB and social media. Alright, here I go, I don't like Modi, I hate him and the BJP, a party which is perceived as a political party associated with violence. Not that the Congress is any better, but by electing one evil in place of another, we have not done ourselves a favour. Great going India, let's hope my fears are untrue and that I eat my words in the coming future. 


  1. I hope you keep updating your blog tall guy :)

  2. Curse first be upon the desi diaspora in america that poured thousands of dollars into this campaign. Sigh.

  3. Does Sarah Palin write the Indian PM's speeches?

    On climate change, the Prime Minister said exploitation of nature was a crime. “At best, you have the right to milk nature. You can milk a cow, but you can’t kill the cow.”

    “Climate change? Is this terminology correct? The reality is this that in our family, some people are old... They say this time the weather is colder. And, people’s ability to bear cold becomes less.

    “We should also ask is this climate change or have we changed. We have battled against nature. That is why we should live with nature rather than battle it,” he said.

    1. Well, his speech writer is worse than Palin, for he just called the Sri Lanka Prez's wife, M.R.S Palin, instead of a simple Mrs. Rather, the teleprompter is to be blamed I suppose